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    Creating Space & Light

    AluSpace gives architects and interior designers the opportunity to create space and light in any internal environment. With a huge range of colour and design options, and just a small number of core components, the system can be used to elegantly partition living or working space of any size or shape.

    The benefits of AluSpace Range are:

    • Requires minimal maintenance
    • Reliable performance
    • Quick turnaround times available
    • High quality manufacture
    • Elegant, slim design style

    The Perfect Screening Solution

    AluSpace screens can be used to create and configure internal space across a wide range of applications.

    • Elegant, slim design style
    • Hugely versatile and flexible system
    • High quality manufacture
    • Low maintenance

    Wide Range of Options

    For the all-important finishing touches, AluSpace offers a wide range of options and accessories, including a choice of classic, modern and industrial handles, all of which may be supplied in a matched, contrasting or complementary colour to the screen and doors.

    Options extend to include visible hinges or concealed pivot or sliding mechanisms, enabling the systems to be completely tailored to meet virtually any design style.

    • Single, double, pivot and sliding doors, as well as fixed screens
    • Extensive choice of colours
    • Wide range of accessories, supplied in matching or complementary colour