Bi-Folding Doors

When buying/choosing a Bi Folding Doors and thinking about what material to choose there are many factors to consider. Here at BM Bi Folding Doors we firmly believe there is NO other choice for your new bi folding doors than aluminium. Below we have listed the reasons why:

Inherent Strength

Aluminium is naturally stronger and more durable than other materials commonly used for doors. It will not warp, rust or need painting and aluminium’s structural strength makes it particularly extremely suitable for bi folding doors

Slim lines
Especially with the Smarts bi folding door system which has no floating mullion which means slimmer lines, more glass and in turn looks more stylish.

Choice of Colours
With Aluminium Bi folding doors the choice of colours are endless. Aluminium bi folding doors can be made in any RAL Colour or even dual colour. The choice is Yours.

Dedicated Profile & Gearing
The Smarts aluminium bi folding door was designed and built with bespoke gearing and hardware especially designed for this system. This means everything runs like it should.

Aluminium can be recycled over and over again without any loss in quality or performance. Old windows and doors will be broken down and recycled, instead of being buried in the ground. Recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy needed to produce from raw materials.

The strength of aluminium provides the high level of security you should expect from today’s modern bi folding doors. All Bi folding doors in the Smarts range feature multi-point locking system as standard, providing secure peace of mind.

Effortless Easy Glide Motion
We believe once you have felt the difference between aluminium bi folding door and a generic UPVC bi folding door there is only one option (Aluminium). Also unlike timber bifolding doors, Aluminium will not twist or warp and never needs painting.

Aluminium bi folding doors offer the best in appearance security and performance”



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